New Website for a Fresh Start

by Brandon Hosley

Recently, I have felt a surge of energy and inspiration that INPERFECT DENIM was going to take on higher heights. That means more denim, new designs, more products, increasing the quality of the products, quality denim yet still sustainable. Since the start of 2022, there was a bit of lack of motivation, but with the change of the seasons SPRING IN NYC IS THAT GIRL! I see inspiration for Inperfect Denim in everything. Finally getting fresh air, dressing up the denim in fun and contemporary outfits, and rocking the inperfect tote bags every day, all day!

With a new facelift, Inperfect Denim is ready to rock. I created so many new designs for customers of every size. I took pride in making sure everything was size inclusive, there is no one that will be left out. The new website will be better to navigate and will push design and esthetic first. Not only did we update the site, but we updated the Inperfect Denim logo! So exciting for this feature. Taking it retro with an early internet feel.

My hopes for this new site, is that it will create attention, and be taken seriously. This year I have goals to have Inperfect Denim featured in more publications as well as to get opportunities to sell my products in many more markets as well as create my own pop-ups. Creating unique shopping experiences for customers.

I hope that you all enjoy the NEW AND IMPROVED Home of the uniquely up-cycled sustainable denim company!