Makings of Inperfect Denim

by Brandon Hosley

Starting with an idea and a strong passion for creating, a real do it yourself kind of guy. Brandon Hosley, African American, 30-something, Chicago transplant to New York, etc, etc, etc started with his first creative of “Inperfect Denim” in his bathtub apartment in Brooklyn. What seemed to be a messy project turned into something bigger, the denim jeans are a staple of the brand, and a tried & true effort.

The story continues like this, there is a lot of waste in the world, and through a lot of research denim fabric creates some of the most waste in mounds of landfills. So, when one thinks of starting a company, a fashion company at that, you cannot help but think of being sustainable. Not just sustainable but ethical when sourcing materials. Inperfect Denim hits the nail on the head, creating “wearable art” in the most sustainable way, using recycled denim and vintage denim giving it a second life.

Sourcing sustainable denim came naturally for Brandon, he has a strong love for recycled goods, giving them a second life. The name “Inperfect Denim” comes from embracing mistakes, embracing uniqness, and embracing imperfections in not only the designs but the world. The world is different, and every human deserves to be seen for their beautiful qualities. Inperfect Denim is for the PEOPLE, every body type and every age. When you shop Inperfect it is a zero-hate and judgment-free zone. Embrace your imperfections in your INPEFECT DENIM.